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Programmatic connection to sponsored and organic business listings.

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Local Search API for Publishers

Publishers that want to access the CallThread pay-per-call network programmatically need to register for an API key to use Soleo's Local Search API (LSAPI). Once established, your call traffic will be connected to our complete database of competitive advertising offers across hundreds of business categories.

How our programmatic API works

  1. You generate a call and ping us with the category, keyword, or free form text
  2. Our algorithm considers this information along with the time of day and location of the caller and identifies all matching Callthread advertisers
  3. CallThread collects the bid, duration, and destination number from each advertiser
  4. The advertisers are individually scored to determine which offer has the highest probability of yielding a conversion
  5. The score and bid price are used to determine the best route for your call
  6. Your call is connected to the winning advertiser
  7. You collect the highest payout possible

This whole process happens in real time, so your caller will be connected seamlessly to the advertiser.

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Solutions for Developers

Our Local Search™ API connects your app or website to thousands of sponsored and organic business listings nationwide. Soleo’s Local Search™ portfolio offers integration options ranging from simple to comprehensive. All integration options equip your application or website with powerful natural search technology designed to create a smooth user experience.

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